Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bookstores on Hillsborough Street offer alternatives to students

Trying to save money on textbooks? Many NC State University students are buying new and used books on Hillsboorough Street. Of the many shops and restaurants across from NCSU's main campus, two offer books with prices comparable to the University bookstore. These are "Packbackers" near the Dan Allen Drive and Hillsborough Street intersection, and "Hillsborough Street Textbooks" across from Ricks Hall. Some students claim that they can find better prices for textbooks at these stores than on campus. However, a comparison of several textbook prices shows that, overall, no one store has better deals than the others. Packbackers offers online textbook ordering, whereas Hillsborough Street Textbooks does not. While both stores offer a variety of merchandise besides textbooks, Hillsborough Street Textbooks has a larger selection. Both stores will buy back sold books at the end of the semester. Ultimately, both stores, along with the campus bookstore, have mostly the same offers, but they continue to offer a variety of options when it comes times for students to buy textbooks.



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