Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A different vision for Hillsborough Street

The other day, I was brainstorming how Hillsborough Street could conquer new markets. Hillsborough Street merchants have shown their commitment and interest in providing eateries and retail service shops. Most stores on Hillsborough Street have customer traffic generated by students from North Carolina State University. In order to bring in new market segments, Hillsborough Street has to offer more than just a place to go eat. Development plans for Hillsborough Street’s future are still underway, but an item that should be on the Raleigh City Council’s agenda is way to develop more parking areas. Before this can occur, merchants need to put in different types of stores that would attract outside customers. Parking at other University campuses’ main-street-attractions can be found on neighboring streets. In contrast, behind NCSU’s main thoroughfare, Hillsborough Street, cars from the residential housing district occupy the streets. Currently, the only places students can rent to live in, are houses. Often times, house rent is beyond what the average student is willing or able to pay. Affordable apartment housing would be another wonderful way to venture beyond what is already offered on Hillsborough Street.



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