Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween on Hillsborough Street

This year, NC State students used Hillsborough Street in an attempt to start a new Halloween tradition. Instead of attending the more popular gatherings at Chapel Hill or East Carolina University, about 100 students marched down the street in full costume on Tuesday night.

The idea started early in October on the popular website of Facebook with a group entitled “Halloween on Hillsborough Street.” Students made plans to meet at the Bell Tower on Halloween night and march all the way to Dan Allen Drive. As of Tuesday, the group had more than 900 members. While only a relatively small number of people showed up that night, participants remained in good spirits. Over the next few hours, hockey players, video game characters, friars, rappers and Yoko Onos, to name a few, could be seen marching up and down the street. The majority of the crowd followed the plan, meeting at the Bell Tower and making their way to Dan Allen, though a number of people made stops at Mitch’s Tavern and the Pi Bar along the way. Once the group reached the Dan Allen Drive intersection, many students left, with intentions to go to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill before that gathering ended, though plenty stayed on Hillsborough Street for hours afterward. With 364 days left until Halloween in 2007, it remains to be seen if this tradition will be continued, but most of the students who attended appeared to have a good time.



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