Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hillsborough Street is Memory Lane to some

For years, Hillsborough Street has been a landmark associated with North Carolina State University. For many who have attended school here, it is much more than that.
Karen Poehler, a 1985 graduate from NCSU said, “Every time I come back to State I always have to go to Hillsborough Street and eat at Two Guys restaurant. I loved to eat there when I was a student at State and I love to eat there now. The atmosphere hasn’t changed much.”
Although Two Guys remains a popular restaurant on Hillsborough Street, many others have come and gone over the years. Brothers, a restaurant that used to rest beside Two Guys, was shut down a few years ago. Last year, Q-Shack, a popular student hang-out, was shut down and replaced with Raleigh Joe’s. A popular new feature that Hillsborough Street has to offer is the cereal restaurant Bowls.
“When I came down here for parents’ orientation in 2005, I hardly recognized the place. Most of the businesses that were here when I went to school were gone. Hillsborough Street has really changed since I went to school at State,” said Rick Livingston, a 1982 NCSU graduate.
Not only the restaurants and businesses make Hillsborough Street what it is. University events have helped shape the history of the road as well.
“The campus and the street were one big party when I was down here after we won the national championship in 1983. That is one night that no State fan will ever forget; especially those of us who were down here at the time,” Poehler said.
With new traffic ideas and new establishments moving in each semester, Hillsborough Street is facing some major changes. However, to NCSU students, Hillsborough Street will forever rest in their minds synonymously with the university.
“I have had some good times with my friends on Hillsborough Street. East Village and I Love New York Pizza are great places to hang out with friends. I will always remember my times on Hillsborough Street as part of my overall college experience,” said Josh Kirbo, a freshman in electrical engineering.


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