Thursday, November 30, 2006

History of Hillsborough Street

With all the activity on Hillsborough Street today, many would be surprised to find out that the busy road is over 216 years old. The original corridor was established in 1792 as part of Raleigh's original design. Hillsborough Street is one of the four roads originally designated to radiate outward in the cardinal directions from Capital Square. It remains today as the only thoroughfare with an uninterrupted path to the Capitol. The early 1900s saw the development of the street into what it is today, as the expansion of North Carolina State University allowed for businesses to srping up along its northern border. Hillsborough Street has always played an important role in NCSU campus life, beginning with the trolley line on the street that connected the campus to downtown Raleigh. Since then, hundreds of businesses have come and gone on the street, and it has also served as a focal point for celebrations by both the city of Raleigh and NCSU. Today, the look of the street continues to change as NCSU and the city evaluate its status, but barring any major overhauls Hillsborough Street will continue to serve an important role in Raleigh life.



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