Thursday, November 09, 2006

Homecoming parade a disappointment

Crowded streets, screaming spectators, sunny skies- these are the sights and sounds that normally accompany a parade. However, this year’s homecoming parade proved to be quite the opposite.
I had a great view of the entire parade from the bed of a Ford F-250 pulling my club’s float. The view that I took in was troubling. The street was not as crowded as it was in previous years. The skies were not sunny- because it was dark outside. I understand the reasoning behind having the parade at night from an effects standpoint. I understand that the organizers thought it would be cool to have lighted floats in the parade. This is all well and good, but did you think about the effects this would have on the crowd? No one wants to sit in the cold… at night. I applaud whoever thought to bring bleachers to line the sidewalks. The only problem with those was that they were empty.
Another thing about this year’s parade that troubled me was the poor advertising prior to the event. Some local radio stations said that the parade was supposed to be on Thursday. I had people in a panic calling me all day Thursday wondering what was going on. Where did the radio stations get Thursday from?
This year’s parade was larger than ever as far as the number of floats participating. Maybe next year, let’s try to have the largest parade in terms of people coming to watch. Make homecoming a little earlier in the year when temperatures are warmer and the time has not changed yet so it will not be dark when the parade takes place; and if you are going to advertise, do it correctly. I mean, come on; aren’t parades supposed to be for the people watching them?



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