Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Homelessness on Hillsborough Street

One of the last things I want to include, which was not reported on but is a real issue, is the homelessness on Hillsborough Street. During the day, I don’t notice the homeless people too much, but at night, it is a different story. Last year, I parked my car in the staff parking lot behind the bank where I worked, and I often got caught walking back to campus alone at night. On a number of occasions, homeless people would approach me and ask for money. Ironically, I would be walking out of the bank and tell them I didn’t have any on me, which was mostly true. I heard the most off-the-wall stories, and a lot of times I knew they must be made up. “I’m in town from New York and my car just broke down…do you have any money?” one man said. I tried to help them out as much as I could, but I had a hard time helping out people who said they wanted money for food when I could smell the alcohol on their breath. Otherwise, if I had money on me, I would always try to help them out a little bit. I remember being very afraid as I walked into the parking lot one Saturday night. I was going to get my car, when I noticed a man was sitting under a tree with a brown-bagged Budweiser. As soon as he saw me, he got up and started walking toward me. I just ran to my car, drove away and pretended I didn’t see him trying to approach me. “When we run for crew training in the wee morning hours, I see homeless men just laying on the benches beside the road,” Caroline Williams, a sophomore in Nutrition Sciences said.
The City of Raleigh has aligned with Wake County, Triangle United Way and the Wake Continuum of Care “to develop and implement a strategic action plan with the goal of ending and preventing homelessness.” The Greater Raleigh area accounts for more than 11.5 percent of people who are considered “at risk” by living below the poverty line. The project “Ending Homelessness: The 10-Year Action Plan” aims at improving impoverished conditions by the year 2015. For more information please visit:



At 8:37 AM, Blogger Erin said...

When I was a student at NCSU back from 2002-2005, I had been assaulted twice in broad daylight on Hillsborough street by homeless men. The worst happened at the bus stop in front of Papa John's and there were folks walking by and across the street who saw and did nothing to help. Gave me a new view on homelessness and the apathy of by-standers!


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