Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More of what college students are looking for…

Hillsborough Street is to North Carolina State University as Franklin Street is to UNC-Chapel Hill. Unfortunately for NCSU students, our street is run-down and not what I deem as college-friendly. While there are restaurants and other small businesses that run along the two-mile stretch bordering the north side of campus, most places occupying space on the street are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. businesses. Where are all of the bars and clubs? This week’s review of the local hangout is Pi Bar and Lounge, formerly known as Maanjri Lounge. The establishment is located in a fairly large space on the top level of a building with a view of D.H. Hill Library. I’m sure many people have seen the posters on campus and the fact that college and ladies night change every week. What gives? Currently, Thursday night is the best night to go, if you are on a budget, with all beers at $1. Be advised: take advantage of these specials nights, if you are a drinker. If you do not, you should expect to pay an unheard of $7 per drink. If you are a dancer, you’re in luck. Pi has a huge dance floor, and both Wednesday and Saturday nights, ladies get in free. And if you’re an underage drinker, heed this warning: you will be kicked out and your ID will be turned into Alcohol Law Enforcement, if you are caught drinking. I actually witnessed this happen when I was there. Although it is ridiculously over-priced Pi Bar caters to all college students, as opposed to being just a bar for people 21 and over. It is a great place to ‘lounge’ with friends and is within walking distance, if you live on campus. And ladies, the bathrooms are nice, clean, and big!

3 out of 5 traffic lights



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