Wednesday, November 01, 2006

North Carolina State Univeristy's homecoming parade set for Friday

Once a year, North Carolina State University gets to showcase its diverse range of fraternities, sororities, clubs, scholarship members and various other organizations through creative ideas in one, centralized location.
This Friday, NCSU will hold its annual Homecoming Parade under the theme: “Send the Jackets Packin’!” Floats representing everything from Greek life to college bass fishing’s national champions will make their way from Dan Allen Drive to the Bell Tower amidst the crowd lining the sidewalks of Hillsborough Street. The Homecoming Parade has been an annual tradition for the “Wolfpack Nation” for several years now. The parade originally took place on Hillsborough Street but then moved to Central Campus from 1983-2003. In 2004, with efforts from the Alumni Foundation, the parade returned to its original home.
Kelda Sluder, a sophomore in Math Education said, “By moving the parade back to Hillsborough Street, many other members of the NCSU community are able to get involved. All of the businesses along the street have a chance to be involved. Alumni are able to bring their entire families to the parade. This really emphasizes what Homecoming is all about.”
According to Dr. Brian Eder, weather and climate professor at the university, it should be a good day for the parade. “It should be sunny but very chilly on Friday evening; good parade weather,” Dr. Eder said.


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