Thursday, November 09, 2006

Redesign discussion continues

The Raleigh City Council decided Tuesday to postpone action on the Hillsborough Street redesign plan until its next meeting Nov. 21, giving the council, the Hillsborough Street Partnership, and North Carolina State University officials more time to review the revisions that have been made by the project’s design firm since the public meeting that was held Oct. 4.
The project being considered includes two phases, corresponding to two sections of Hillsborough Street. Both plans include one lane of traffic in each direction, a raised center median, and parking on both sides of the street. Plan A affects the section between Gardner Street and Logan Court, with roundabouts placed at Horne Street and Logan. Plan B includes modifications from Enterprise Street to Oberlin Road, with a roundabout at Pullen Road and an extension of Pullen to Oberlin. The changes are designed to slow traffic and add buffer space for parking in order to increase safety and make the street more attractive. The council may approve one, both, or neither of the plans for further development by the design team.
Some council members expressed concern that roundabouts might diminish the street’s capacity for increased traffic. Other questions pertained to adequate parking and funding for the plan. Council member Thomas Crowder encouraged the council to recognize that this project is “not about roundabouts” but is a bold vision of the redevelopment of Hillsborough Street as a people-friendly public place that will draw not only NCSU students and faculty but people from in and around Raleigh to meet, shop, dine and enjoy the area.


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