Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Skip the classifieds and head for 'The Street'

Depending on the interests of particular students, there is a good mix of jobs available for students right on Hillsborough Street. There are a lot of opportunities available for students to work in restaurants as waiters and hosts. To name a few, there is Melvin’s, Applebee’s or higher end places, such as Porter’s and Frazier’s. “I enjoy working on Hillsborough Street because I can just walk there right after class, and I don’t have to deal with parking or traffic,” said Daniella Wartner, a waitress at Melvin’s. The array of jobs on Hillsborough Street offers more than just a place for students to earn money. There are many jobs that coincide with a field or industry and majors offered at NC State University. For example, I work at the State Employee’s Credit Union across from NC State’s College of Management building even though I am not majoring in finance or accounting. A graphic design major could work for Progressive Graphics Inc.; a Construction Engineering major could work for Sparrow Construction Inc. So, whether you need a place to spend your time out of class, or you are in search of valuable work experience, you can start by looking on Hillsborough Street.


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